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Faculty Development
This unit will provide faculty development activities based on needs assessment, priority settings, course development, implantation and evaluation. We have special expertise in web-based faculty development activities which respond to faculty with minimal level of expertise in medical education. Another unique characteristic of this program is to respond to a large pool of faculty in a short duration along with ensuring high quality programs.
This unit is directed by Professor John Littlefield

Continuous Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development
This unit is focusing in continuing medical education, and continuing professional development for all health professions. It will provide services ranging from need assessment through implementation and evaluation to quality improvement and accreditation by national and international likeminded organizations.
This unit is directed by Professor Mohi Magzoub

Curriculum Development
The focus of this unit, directed by Professor Henk Schmidt, is to develop existing curricula of medical and other health professions to make it well advanced and best evidence-based. This unit will consider also recent high quality and extensive research findings in medical expertise, leady by Prof Schmidt and his colleagues. The clinical reasoning curriculum is proposed to be the best approach for graduating safe and competent health professionals who respond well to the needs of their patients.

Curriculum Design
This unit is directed by Prof Bashir Hamad, a well known medical educator who developed innovative curricula starting from the late 70th in Sudan and late eighties in United Arab Emirates. Prof Hamad served as a consultant to many universities worldwide. The focus of this unit is to design curricula for new medical schools and change existing traditional ones to more innovative approaches.

Teaching and learning
This unit is focusing in developing teaching and learning methods as well as promoting approaches to faculty evaluation. This unit also will be concerned with clinical teaching improvement, skills teaching and simulation. The director of this unit Prof Tanya Beran has extensive experience and research in simulation and clinical teaching. ..

Learner assessment
This unit will cover various aspects of learner assessment including Blue Print development, item writing, assessment bank development, assessment alignment, reviewing and developing high quality system of assessment and faculty development in assessment. This unit is lead by Prof Lubna Baig who completed a PhD in assessment from Calgary University and publish extensively in assessment. ..

Quality improvement and accreditation
Prof Hossam Hamdy is leading this unit. Prof Hamdy develops hand on experience in accreditation by establishing national accreditation programs as well as acting as external reviewer to many universities in the Middle East and Europe. This unit provides services such as establishing internal quality improvement system, pre-accreditation visits and quality improvement sustainability.

Student and faculty exchange and collaboration
This unit is lead by Dr Ibrahim Bani Dr Bani has developed extensive experience in initiating collaboration and twining programs between Middle east Universities and North American Universities. He also implemented successful programs for student and staff exchange between North and South. This unit provides services for institution, students and staff who wish to be involved in exchange and collaboration activities.



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