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About us
Training Research Advancement Consulting Experts (TRACE)

Our mission
TRACE mission is to bring together evidence-based, feasible, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to the changing challenges facing our customers. We achieved this through their full and active participation by providing resources, research findings, direction, role modeling and collaborative efforts in support of excellence in educational practice.

Our vision
To be recognized as innovative leader in all aspects of health professions education to ensure excellence and recognition by our customers and partners worldwide.

Our Values

  • Respond equitably and ethically to the needs from all our customers.
  • Respond equitably and ethically to the needs from all our customers.
  • Maintain expertise in relevant areas to maintain credibility and capacity to achieve mission.
  • Establish clear relationship between TRACE and other partners.
  • Guide and monitor work using explicit standards.
.. Who are we?
TRACE is a US based company includes worldwide known figures in medical education such as Prof Henk Schmidt president of Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Prof Hosam hamdy the Vice President of Sharja University UAE, Professor John Littlefied, Director of the Academic Center for Excellence in Teaching (ACET), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, In addition to many other professors from the Universities of Calgary in Canada and from the Middle East. TRACE is focusing in the areas of medical education educational quality improvement and educational research. This diversity of leaders from different parts of the world and from various health fields and disciplines bring together the best practice of medical education worldwide. Thus our customers enjoy cumulative long years of experiences from our distinguished consultants to provide the appropriate solutions to most challenges in medical education and research.

Our objectives
  • Organize and develop faculty enhancement programs.
  • Develop future educational leaders.
  • Promote interdisciplinary education.
  • Establish clear relationship between TRACE and other partners.
  • Establish Academy of Master Educators and learning communities.
  • Organize conferences and workshops in medical education.
  • Provide quality assurance of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Create systems for recognizing and rewarding excellence in education and faculty evaluation.
  • Develop efficient and effective program and faculty evaluations .
  • Develop fair and valid assessment of learner knowledge, skills and attitudes based on needs assessment.
  • Promote scholarship of teaching and learning and facilitate application and dissemination of its principles and findings based on the need of each customer.
  • Provide expertise to promote and support curriculum development



teaching and learning.
learner knowledge, skills and attitudes .
efficient and effective program
provide quality assurance
develop future educational leaders
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